Taiwan Introduction

       We come from a blooming and glorious island-Taiwan on the vast Pacific Ocean. Our country is a fantastic island located in eastern Asia, the Pacific Northwest of the island. It’s located between Ryukyu Retto and the Philippine Islands as well. Across the Taiwan Strait, mainland China is on the west. Its climate is between tropical and subtropical zone, which makes the natural landscapes and ecosystem resources rich and multiple. In Taiwan, the cloud-piercing Taipei 101 and rush life paces leave no doubt about the aspect of cosmopolitan in Taipei. In Taiwan where is filled with abundant of touching stories, just staying here, you will feel as if you are walking through a time tunnel, sampling the fantastic blending of past, present and future, and, the mixture of tradition and the modern between cities and countrysides. Taiwan is blessed with a diverse range of exquisite beauties, each corner of the island having its own unique scenery filled with local stories and touching moods. We welcome you to visit Taiwan and experience its island life, to tour around this beautiful island, this secret realm for travelers, this repository of culture, and enjoy an encounter with the warm friendliness of the island’s people.The island has a population of about 23.5 million people, and more than 70% are concentrated in the five metropolitan areas of the western region, the largest of which is the Taipei metropolitan area, which is the centre of Taipei.This time we are introduced the second largest city in Taiwan, located in the southern part of the island, a hot tourist attraction in the harbor City-Kaohsiung Cijin.

Kaohsiung Introduction

       Before introducing the characteristic of Qijin, we should know Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is located in the southwest of Taiwan. The third most populous city in Taiwan.Kaohsiung since the end of 19th century, is the Japanese pronunciation of Kaohsiung, the Japanese era of development as a port city and military location, "Port City" said,and became the political and economic and transportation hub of southern Taiwan after the middle of 20th century. In recent years,the development of Kaohsiung has gradually emerged from the turmoil of the past political and industrial struggles and is moving towards "green", "ecology", "technology", "culture" and "nature".The promotion of tourism, culture and science and technology and other green industries, Kaohsiung year-round sunshine, pleasant climate, the people are both pure and warm, this mountain, there are rivers, sea, Harbor City, has successfully used its rich historical humanities, mountain and sea resources,Develop into a veritable tourist city, many attractions worth exploring tourism, leaving a wonderful memorable memories.

Cijin Introduction

       Cijin is located on the west side of Kaohsiung Port in Kaohsiung,it is the place where the former ships and Nanjindu have changed to be called Cijin; Cijin's terrain is an overseas sandbar, Kaohsiung's first seaport, Cijin was originally connected to Taiwan,In 1967, in order to open a second port in Kaohsiung, the peninsula topography of the sea was truncated, allowing Cijin to become an independent island, and to 1984 the completion of the Harbour Tunnel, so as to improve the traffic between Kaohsiung and Cijin,so as to make Cijin a more rich place for tourism resources.To Cijin in addition to the use of the Harbour Tunnel, you can also take the ferry to visit the coast of the scenery has become a major tourist attraction, the sea shore sightseeing, so that Cijin become the nearest tourist island in the city.This page will also give a full introduction to all Cijin popular tourist attractions, cultural characteristics and historical background, as well as the environmental problems and various problems in recent years Cijin the introduction and improvement methods, Web site collection of data and team-personally visits, but also using online questionnaire history data more complete, without further ado,Follow the introduction of the Web page to know the harbor Cijin.



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